Jousting is Totally Brutal!

Metal Skull recently had a birthday… where the number associated with his age might have brought him closer to a different age bracket….. haha (I am younger and cuter!). Anyway he decided that he wanted to go to Medieval Times for his birthday. I had never been there….so I did what any nerd would do… I looked it up! I discovered it was a feast and tournament! HOW FLIPPIN BRUTAL IS THAT!!! So I obviously was totally excited…. it was like it was my birthday and not Metal Skull’s (he bought the tickets).

When we got to the castle he informed me that he upgraded our tickets so we could get better seats. We were told that the MedTimes3Green Knight would be our Champion and then they took us to our seats…. We were in the first row! It was totally awesome. Both of us were excited. We both got flags which we proceeded to hit each other with like we were teenagers instead of two people in their 30s. The show started and the food started to come out… Holy Cow…. The food! I love food. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to feed people. And it felt like the food just kept coming….and it was Delicious. Now… I don’t eat very much… But Mr. Metal Skull eats tons. So what I didn’t finish found its way on to his plate… including my chicken. By the time we were done eating and our waiter (I assume serving wench is not the right term since it was a dude) cleared our plates… he just looked down at Metal Skull’s plate with his mouth hanging open. He had cleaned all of the meat off the chicken bones and what remained looked like a massive chicken graveyard.

MedTimes1The night’s festivities were awesome. The jousting tournament was so much fun and I found myself jumping up and cheering, waving my flag, and taunting the other champions! The Green Knight held his own until the last battle where he was brutally gutted and carried from the ring. I was a little sad we didn’t win but apple turnover they brought out for desert total took my mind off of my woes. Metal Skull didn’t get one crumb of my turnover….(he was a little put out and mumbled something about it being his birthday….to which I replied that he ate a whole damn chicken and shouldn’t be able to feasibly fit another thing of food into his stomach.) Besides the tournament there was a horse show. They were absolutely beautiful animals. The whole night was a blast and Metal Skull said he had an awesomely brutal┬ábirthday.