Crafting A.D.D

I like to try my hand at many different crafting endeavors.. Some are successful, and some…. Not so much….

So the most recent endeavor I decided to undertake is Cross Stitching.  I came across some awesome patterns at weelittlestitches and Iamnotadoll. I decided on some patterns that I would like to try. Weelittlestitches has a Labyrinth pixel people pattern that was an absolute MUST seeing as The Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies of all time. So that is going to be my first attempt.

I purchased the pattern, downloaded the PDF (it only took about 3 minutes to be delivered after purchase), and went to the store to get the color thread and canvas I needed. While at the store I became completely taken with all of the different color threads, and organizer boxes for the thread, and the bobbins to wrap the thread on. I left Jo-Ann Fabric with much more than I needed to start my project.

I talked to my sister about starting my cross stitch pattern and she had this wonderful suggestion that I attach the thread color number to the bobbin so I will always know what color it is and make organizing it easier. So I decided to take her advice. Since taking her advice I have gone completely off track with my project! It has been four days since I went to the store and got my organizer and a plethora of thread that I didn’t need for my project. I have since spent HOURS winding bobbins with thread and organizing those bobbins by color then by number. I could have actually started and probably gotten quite far in my project if I hadn’t contracted this form of crafting ADD. All of that said… I am very thrilled with how wonderful it looks, but I have yet to start my project. The good thing is that I actually ran out of bobbins and am almost out of room in my box for them. So the rest of the thread has been stored away and will be wound when I actually need that color….maybe.

Hopefully I will have a progress photo from my project soon.