I Love Surgery

The last week before surgery seemed to fly by. It was full of doctors appointments, pre-operative testing, a class on proper care after surgery, and iPhone!  I got a wonderful iPhone and it really helped my time waiting for my appointments fly by. I also discovered Instagram. So between iPhone and Instagram, I am able to share my surgery experience with you! 🙂

I had to be at the hospital at 7:00am. So I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, and stumbled to the car.


I went through the whole prepping ordeal really quickly, and can I just say… HOLY CRAP… with the IV in the hand thing.  That was the worst part of the whole thing. I got a pretty blue hat, some stylish white thigh high stockings that were supposed to help with blood flow (and put on by a very handsome male nurse.. lol), and an awesome gown…

But as I was about to go into surgery, my doctor came in and was like ‘So you remembered your pictures right?’  So…. that answer was that to a lot of cursing (on my part) and then I proceeded to cry as I realized that my spot for surgery was pushed back while I waited for my grandfather to run back to the house to get my MRI that was left sitting by the door.

So a few hours later, with a nap during that time, I was back in the surgery room and a few minutes later I was out of it and then waking up in the recovery room.

I felt pretty good upon waking up and my mood and everything continued to improve over the next couple of days. I was able to get up and walk the next day with very little pain. I was slow but I didn’t need a walker or anything. I met with the doctors and they said that the mass that they removed from my back was much larger than was expected. But now that it all out I should notice a huge difference. And that was so correct. I was able to sit up in the car the whole ride home and felt no pain…. though I am sure that a large part of that was due to the morphine they gave me in the hospital.  But I arrived home to a wonderful recovery package on my bed, with a halloween bucket from the Popcorn factory, a letter from my friend George, and a couple of books from my friend Megan.

I have been home from the hospital for a week now. All I can say is… It feels like a MIRACLE!

I am moving like a normal person and I am pain free.  The only discomfort I really have is a sore back and a hella itchy incision. I meet with the doctors again tomorrow for a check up, and hopefully to hear that everything looks good. It feels good to finally be on the road to recovery. It has been a long time coming.

So these pictures and others can be seen on my Instagram profile. Feel free to take a look and follow if you are interested. 🙂



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