Nappy Heads Break Brushes!

Natural hair….. natural hair…..natural hair……

Natural hair has become HUGE! Black women everywhere are putting down their containers of hair crack (relaxer) and stepping away… letting their curly locks fro freely in the wind……uh huh…. I have natural hair….  Big surprise, Right? For all of you lovelies who do not know what natural hair is… it is hair that has not been chemically processed. For us ethnic beauties, it is our natural curly, kinky hair. (It is also known as Afro-textured hair). Some of you who have seen what I am talking about may be like… “Yeah! Embrace being natural and loving how God made you.” or some of you may be saying ‘Girl, You need to do something with that hair… You look like a hot mess!”  There are many different reasons to choose to go natural. For me it was because I had over processed my hair to achieve this insanely CUTE multicolored straight hairstyle the reeked of awesomeness! A month later my hair was falling out on my pillow….(But it was super cute while it lasted) I went to get my hair taken care of and the lady basically said.. ‘Its gotta go hun.’ So I got my hair cut down to 1/4 inch length all around, went home, and sobbed into a pint of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream. I decided not to go that route anymore and figured I would learn how to take care of my hair, as it was something that I was never taught how to do. Now I have read so much on Natural hair. I have watched more YouTube Videos than I can count about how to take care of your natural hair and how to style it. After every YouTube video I have a renewed sense of hope that my hair is awesome and I am gonna look good!  For some of you this may be the case… for me… Not so much.  You can send me directions on how to braid, twist, updo… etc… but it boils down to this. I am not coordinated in the least.

Ok… so that was a very long introduction to today’s story (if you are still with me).  I woke up this morning feeling better. I had a bit more movement and less pain in my left leg today. It is probably just knowing that tomorrow I am meeting with the new surgeon that is putting a bit of pep into my step. Anyhow, this morning I was laying in bed, and I says to myself, I says.. “Angela, You are gonna do your hair today….Braid it or twist it up… It will be super cute.” I watched youtube videos for an hour, and proceeded to the shower with a plan. I untangled my hair and was ready to go. Out of the shower and dressed I attempted to execute the style that was guaranteed to take me 10 minutes to do.  One hour later I am cursing at my reflection in the mirror and ready to shave my damn head. Looking a hell of a lot worse than I did before I went into the shower. So I took a deep breath got a spray bottle and my detangler brush. Determined to start over.  I ran my brush through my hair and on the second stroke I heard “SNAP”. The stupid brush cracked in my head and went flying across the bathroom. So I can’t really bend to pick things up…. so using my feet as hands (don’t judge me) I picked up my brush and looked at my rats nest of a hairdo.. and came to one conclusion… Natural hair… that shit is for CRAZY people.  Who am I kidding walking around with hair so big I can make a pair of knitting needles disappear in it? I have got to figure something out. Right now I cant sit long enough to go have my hair done, so I just have to make due…. But know this… i am on the edge, and if a pair of clippers were to make their way into my bathroom, you all would see a whole new Angela.

Broke My Brush


2 thoughts on “Nappy Heads Break Brushes!

  1. I have naturally curly hair too, and it’s what I refer to as a ‘nappy curl.’ I’m Sicilian Italian, and have been blessed with this hair. I say blessed, because that’s what I have been told since birth… people love my hair, but do I? Sometimes yes….sometimes no. I’ve always said hair like this has a mind of it’s own. Some days are better than others. If I want it to look REALLY good, it takes work… if I just wash and go, with a little product in it, well…I get what I get, and I’m usually not happy with how I look. I often wonder if I just wasn’t trained properly with how to work with this hair! And gosh, if there’s one thing I learned it’s that not many hair stylists know how to cut curly hair! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. bottom llne…I share your frustrations! LOL!!! Good Day!

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