Moving Along…

So things seem to finally be on the right track–as far as my getting surgery. I had to take a couple steps back, but it should all be forward moving from here on. I finally got approval from the Department of Labor and will be covered for my back surgery or any related medical work that needs to be done on my back. I ran into the obstacle with the Doctor’s office though, and decided to shop for a new surgeon.  I know that I may have been an unwise decision to wait until two weeks before my surgery to find a new surgeon, but when it came down to it, I just did not trust Dr. Saatman and her staff to take care of me. I waited a month when I first got home to see Dr. Saatman hoping that when I finally got to see her she would be able to help with the pain…. I saw her for a total of 7 minutes and left without a prescription for anything. Just told that I needed to deal with the pain. When I called and complained about the pain a week or so later I was treated very rudely by the lady who answers the phones and very begrudgingly given a prescription for an anti-inflammatory (Which did nothing to help me walk and manage the pain). So I went to physical therapy for 4 weeks and met with her again, this time for a whole 5 minutes… where she said ok, if you are not better, lets do this surgery. Schedule a date and I will see you then. THATS IT! I got home and was going through all of my paperwork that I had gotten back from Dr. Saatman’s office. In the stack of papers was an envelope I had handed her from my Doctor in Indonesia which said ‘To Be Opened By Attending Physician.” It wasn’t even opened. So I decided to open it and see what it was… It was my complete medical background with everything pertaining to injury and prior treatment. Dr. Saatman never even looked at it…. So how can she be sure what she is facing with my injuries and overall back condition. I tried to call her office to talk to them about the paperwork and I was once again treated very rudely by the front office person. Upon telling her that her tone was offensive, I was told, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I am being very polite, and if you can’t tell the difference between polite and rude, that is your problem and not mine.” SO… after I got approval for payment for medical treatment I got permission to seek a new surgeon and canceled my surgery with Donna Saatman.  My new appointment with the new Surgeon is on August 2nd. I am very hopeful that this was the right decision.

On a more positive note… I just had the most wonderful visit with my sister and nieces. It was the first time I

Bad Kitty!

have gotten to see them since I left for Indonesia. I can’t believe how much my nieces have grown. It was a bit of a bummer that I was not able to be up and active with them. It would have been nice to be able to go to the movies with them or to go swimming, but perhaps next time. We did get to have movie night in my room though! We watched Disney’s The Secret World of Arrietty. It is based on the Borrowers. It was fantastic. The kids loved it and I am not sad to say that I will be watching it again on my own. My sister helped me to clean and organize my room so I don’t quite feel like going insane when I look around. We also were able to get me up and moving enough to take a trip to the Disney Store…because Disney makes everyone happy. I got a wonderful stuffed animal/plush toy. It is the evil kitty, Lucifer, from Cinderella. He is so soft and cuddly. I love him. When I am withering in pain on my bed, I give him a good squeeze and sometimes he even smothers my screams. I also got a couple of Vinylmation Blind Boxes for the

Snow White

Disney Villans. I am happy with the ones I got! And I got a raccoon Vinylmation Keychain from the Snow White line. Which I hung on my

Evil Party

backpack. My purchase was rounded off by an awesome Snow White T-Shirt which was on sale of $12. They headed back to Tennessee on Thursday and I cried to see them go.

Now the house feels empty without all of the giggles and laughter, But I am slowly adjusting to all of the down time again. I have started to keep a new journal. I am writing and drawing. I also got an Instax Mini 50s camera so that I can add polaroid pictures to my journal. It will keep me busy. Plus a few knitting project… I should be able to pass the time quite nicely! 🙂  So a few more days and we should have another update on the surgery front!

Movie Time!


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