Back in America

So the past few weeks have been one unexpected thing after another… and the icing on the cake was me being medically evacuated because the injury to my back took a turn for the worst and my ability to walk was becoming more and more impaired. I apparently have two herniated discs that are severely pressing on the never in my spinal column… which is affecting the use of my whole left side. So after 36 hours of traveling and layovers I am now back in Florida with my family.  The goal is to have surgery, physical therapy, and return to full recovery in 3-6 months. Then I will return to Indonesia to complete my service.  I am currently waiting to hear back from the surgeon about an appointment to go over my MRIs and get a game plan going.

Being home is completely strange. I am loving seeing my family, but I am completely out of touch with everything. Its funny how amazing things seem to me right now…. The most was the Krups coffee maker that is in the kitchen. Does it get any better than that?  I am still dealing with not knowing which side of the road I am supposed to be on (its a good thing no one will let me drive), and major jet lag, but I think I will get the hang of everything in time.

I forgot how much I missed toaster ovens, microwaves, pantries of ready to eat food, and hot showers! I feel like I am on vacation at a 5 star resort!

So I will keep everyone posted on the progress to all of this and will start photo journaling my recovery…. (maybe.. if i don’t look too terrible after my surgery).


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