Last Outing

At the moment I am listening to my ‘Best of the 80‘s’ playlist… Should I be ashamed that I am rocking out to ‘Footloose’? Definitely. But I am gonna own it and admit that after that I am totally going to sing ‘Keep Me Hanging On’ while dancing around my room. You know you want to join in.  (Oh incidentally, they are remaking the movie ‘Footloose’ and morbid curiosity is going to make me watch it! If anyone wants to admit to seeing it, please tell me how wonderfully terrible it is. I can only hope that Kevin Bacon is somewhere in that movie!)

So on to the good stuff….Vacation… I love vacation! This vacation was particularly special. I went to Yogyakarta and didn’t do anything. It was an amazing experience. I slept, ate, walked a bit, slept, and ate some more. There was no rush to get anywhere. It was absolutely wonderful. But besides being able to bask in my laziness, it was also special because it was the last time that Andy and I would be able to have one of our infamous outings. Andy and I decided to take the train to Yogyakarta because it takes about half of the than the bus and is a lot more comfortable. We met at the station at 8:30 for our 9:30 train. We sat, talked, and watched the trains come in and out. We tried to listen to the announcements on the loudspeaker but listening to announcements that sounds like a drive thru intercom system (only in Indonesian) made it impossible to really know what was going on. A train came in at about 9:00 and we looked at it, looked at our watches, and continued talking. Then our train came in and we got on it. As we boarded and made our way to our seats we noticed a couple in our seats. Upon talking to the porter and couple we found out that the train we watched pull in and leave at 9:00 was the one we were supposed to be on. YAY!

Me: Why is it always something when we travel together!?

Andy: At least we can’t say traveling together is dull.

So we missed our train and needed to find a new way to get where we were going. Andy is very charming and was able to get us on a train 2 hours later, but we would have to sit in the workers section. We took it and then wasted two hours having lunch. Our ride in the workers section was hot as can me. We were dripping in sweat by the time we got to our destination. But we got there… which was the important thing.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We walked through markets and ate street food. On one of our afternoon walks Andy stopped short:

Andy: There is a Rasta shop!

Me: Where?

Andy: Over there! We are so going in!

Me: We are?

With that Andy led the way in. We were greeted by a Indonesian with dreadlocks (that was the first for me).  A plethora of hemp shoes, pot leaf stickers, and Bob Marly T-shirts and CDs greeted us when we walked in. Andy saw these huge hats and convinced me that I needed one

Andy: You need a hat! Its big enough to fit your fro in!

So we tried on hats and finally picked one and proceeded to walk around Indonesia in a heavy knitted hat. Brilliant.

We also got real coffee and donuts, found a place to get pasta and ice cream, sat in our room and looked out the window, and listened to terrible songs that made us laugh: “I’m sexy and I know it” and “Peacock”while we played cards and backgammon. I mopped up the floor with Andy in one game of Backgammon and then I lost every game after that.

And I proceeded to sing “I’m sexy and I know it” every day while taking a shower.

Andy: You are ridiculous Angela!

Me: Don’t playa hate!

Andy: I think that was the most ghetto you have ever been…

Me: Yeah, it didn’t feel right at all! I kinda feel dirty now.

It was a wonderfully low key vacation, and I am very sad that it is over. Andy goes back to the States in 3 and 1/2 weeks and I am going to miss him dearly. Who else am I going to have disastrous travel experiences or eating adventures with?


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