Some Support System

Since I have been in Indonesia I have made many friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, but I have one friend who I hang out with the most..Andy. Andy and I have become close friends this past year and our bond is only strengthened by our mutual love for food. But where I am a bit of a chunky monkey, Andy is very tall and slender… not looking at all like he orders three meals when we go out to a restaurant and eats it all (because he cant waste food). We always have a good time together and somehow the conversations always end up going to the topic of food.

This is a conversation we had the other day:

Me: I need to not eat so much.

Andy: You act like that is a bad thing.

Me: Ummm, yeah. Its bad. Have you seen the size of my ass.

Andy: I am not touching that. But you are the only one who understands my love for food.

Me: Whatever. I need to give up the Oreos. Oh! I went to the store and go Sugar Free coconut latte iced coffee mix. I can drink that instead.

Andy: That’s not a bad idea… but you know what would be better?

Me: What’s that?

Andy: If you dunked Oreos in that Iced Coffee! Yum!

Me: Did you not just hear me tell you I need to not eat Oreos?

Andy: I am just saying it would be good. I am not telling you that you have to do it.

Me: But you know I am going to want to try it

Andy: That might be why I planted the idea…. Let me know tomorrow how it is.

Me: You are an evil evil man.

Andy: Evil? Or Brilliant!? Think about it….


11 thoughts on “Some Support System

  1. indonesia has so many kinds of coffee. since i am not a big fan of black coffee, i like mixed coffee, either hot or cold or with ice 🙂 i guess having one oreo a day wouldn’t hurt you 🙂

  2. I love your blog. I have thought about joining the Peace Corps but have always put it off to another day. Now I’m seriously considering it again. Your stories are really encouraging/enlightening and helpful. Thanks and I’ll be following your blog with interest!

  3. That’s what friends are for, right? Plant to “evil-Oreo” thoughts in our head..
    He seems like an awesome friend!!

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