I remember sleeping-in… The weekend rolled around and all I would want to do is rest like I couldn’t do during the week. Well, that was true for me when I was still living in the States. Now in Indonesia… the call to prayer opens my eyes at 4am every morning. There are some days that I can sleep through it, and there are others when it seems as loud as the singing rooster alarm clock I had growing up. But regardless if I sleep past the Mosque’s wakeup call or not, my feet hit the floor by 5:15 every morning. Needless to say it took quite a bit of adjusting when I first arrived.

Indonesian Sunrise

This morning was definitely a day that I couldn’t sleep through prayer. I decided to get a head start on everything and maybe eat breakfast with the family (normally I am walking into the kitchen as the rest of the household is finishing breakfast). I went through my normal routine of stumbling to the sink outside of my bedroom door to brush my teeth, wincing in agony as I swish Vanilla Mint Listerine in my mouth for the recommended 60 seconds, and then heading into the washroom where I bravely chant “Wake up and embrace the day!”as I plunge the blue bucket into the freezing cold water tub and then throw it on my body over and over in rapid succession (each splash is usually followed by a gasp or scream), lather, and then repeat.

After I was washed, dried, dressed, and was thawing out; I ventured outside to listen to prayer and take a moment to look at my village as the farmers head out to the fields and the women start their daily chores of laundry, sweeping, cooking, and washing. A couple of kids could be seen running around outside, some naked as they had gotten away from their mothers in pure refusal of taking a bath. It the midst of all the happenings the sunrise became more prominent and it absolutely took my breath away. I found myself smiling like a fool and taking in a deep breath. It felt refreshing and renewing. I automatically felt like it was going to be a wonderful day, and I couldn’t see myself being anywhere else at that moment than in my tiny village in Indonesia.

Later I found that my smile lasted all day. My morning portion of rice tasted pretty good, and my classes were even more enjoyable… I didn’t even get upset with my students for not paying attention, and I had a little more energy to teach than normal since my accident.

I have seen my fair share of beautiful sunsets… picture perfect.. with colors rich an beautiful. Yet this sunrise had a bit of a deeper effect on me this morning. Maybe it is because instead of the day ending as it does with the sunset…. I was welcoming the start of a new day. Who knows. Only one thing is certain… It was a bloody fantastic day!

Good Morning


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