Hit By A Dump Truck

So the world is FULL of dumb people. Dumb people who shouldn’t be driving. Dumb people who make me want to scream!

So yesterday I was walking down the street with a group of people (fellow teachers) and we were heading to a wedding party. We stopped at an intersection as this drump truck pulled up. We waited for him to go. As we were waiting I turned to check on one of my friends who is Pregnant (She has been woddling something fantastic lately). As I turned around I didn’t see that the truck driver had cut the corner and the rest of the teachers had taken a step back. They didn’t think it necessary to inform my that the truck was about to hit my big ass! So as I turned back around, it was just in time to see the yellow paint of the truck slam into my left arm and send me flying backward…landing in the dirt on my back. The end result was an entire day in the hospital… the entire next day getting blood taken and pissing in a cup (and it will be repeated tomorrow.. oh joy!), an afro full of dirt that had to be washed 5 times to get all of the sand out of my kinky tresses!, and me hobbling around like a jackass. I guess I should be very thankful that I do not have any broken bones. (the doctors said I am a very lucky woman…. I felt like telling him a lucky woman wouldn’t have been hit by a dump truck!)

So needless to say I have a bit of rage right now… but who to be angry at??? Do I get pissy at the truck driver that hit me, or do I get livid about the wonderful coworkers who stepped back and let me get hit by a truck on my own? What’s a girl to do with all of these choices?

In light of my mood I am going to hobble my way to ‘Sour Sally’ for some frozen yogurt (its AMAZING!!!). Then its back into bed to await and exciting day of plastic cups full of my pee and syringes full of my blood… Its pretty hard to have such an exciting life.


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